The Paper Plane

The plane is to bring a person deliverance from their number one enemy, Lucifer, where guns and bombs have no effect over evil, and bring the best that life has to offer, source of True Love and Satisfaction, Warning of the Worst that Life has to Offer and with YHWH Signature, Words without Writing. All consistent with history.


Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the Gospel Matthew 28:18 - 20, well, how is it going to get there? Jesus put it in a Paper Airplane. Now the airplane has no engines, so how is it going to get around the world? Guess what, by airmail special delivery, by hand.

The airplane represents the World, the Flesh and the Devil
I John 2:16 and condemnation, where ever you go in the world is trouble, and if you stay on board, eventually you will land, but the world is going to go up in smoke II Peter 3:10,11

The plane is also a Transformer, by cutting off the wings, a sign or desire to change, repent and be converted, making a rocket out of the Plane, and it becomes the Cross. The Greatest Love Story in the Universe I Corinthians 15:3. Without the Cross, life is a Total Loss. I Corinthians 1:18 and there is no condemnation to those in Christ. The condemnation is in the Wings that are cut off.

Now the T could just be a T for Tom, or T for Two? By cutting the Wings in half, you get who sent the plane and why. 8 pieces of a 4 letter word that has 5 words in English. The word HELL, THE THREE PERSONS OF THE TRI - UNITY HE FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT, EL FOR GOD ALMIGHTY, EL GOD ALMIGHTY THE SON. ALL THE LETTERS BACK TOGETHER = THE ALMIGHTY H EL IN HEBREW. And the place of condemnation Psalms 139:8; Psalms 2:4; Romans 12:19

Taking the pieces from the word HELL and turning them right side up, are words in Hebrew Possibilities Y for ELOHIM HY YAH HWHY YAHVEH HHAY LORD MOST VEHEMENT, HYH HAYAH I AM, WAS, EXIST AND YH YH HIY WOE Matthew 18:7

YH YH if they are in alphabetical order WOE, WOE
Possibilities 9 words in Hebrew Y YH YHH YHVH HYH HY HY



How the plane is made is important too!

Any rectangular paper will make it for you ratio 1 to 1 1/2; man is kind of rectangular shape. It has five folds; a play on words for the sheep fold, sheep is a 5 letter word, with 5 different colors of the human race, red, yellow, black, white and brown.
One triangular fold for Deity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
2Another triangular fold for man, body, soul and spirit at conversion,
3 fold it in half; you have life's options, right or left, good or evil, up or down.

4, 5 fold the wings down, making it, half as wide and an airplane to take the message around the world.
Put the wings together, and then cut the wings in half, you will have 8 pieces of a 4 letter word. 4/8 is a half; 8+4 is 12, 12 months, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles.

The wings have a triangle on each wing, one for man on the left, one on the right for YHWH, how are man and YHWH going to get together? By the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, represented between the two triangles, from YHWH, JESUS CHRIST, THEN MANKIND. YHWH has two H's one for Heaven and Hell.

There are countries that do not allow the printing of Christian Literature, Y is ahead of Evil, and every piece of paper on the planet has the Judeo/Christian Bottom Line and Life's Ultimate Options. The Carry over of Hebrew, while the Rest of the New Testament is in Greek.

Progressive revelation, from Latin to English, with the whole world learning English, how convenient. From mules, cars, airplanes and then rockets, and HIS Throne is in the Heavens Psalms 11:4, and Theos desire is that we seek those things which are above, Colossians 3:1 - 3

Every piece of paper is a witness against all the False Deities, Prophets and Teachers